New years 2005. Now accepting bribes in kruggerands or silver dollars for the removal of these

OMG OSX on an athlon X2!. This would be great if the NIC and keyboard worked, but what the hell. Entering a username and password with only a mouse as an input device was an exercise in horrible hax, but seeing as it won't connect to my LAN, I shouldn't have to worry about the security implication too much...

The infamous evil overlord film. As created by various members of Imperial College. This currently accounts for about 98% of the bandwidth use on the entire site... 40MB divx.

Banger racing! Filmed by me & kat, and edited together by kat. From Arena Essex, sometime in March 2006. More trips are planned for the future, contact me if you fancy a deeply white trash afternoon of beer, fried chicken & cars being destroyed.